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Deep Tissue Massage

This is a no nonsense, deep tissue massage. Get right to the core of those tight, sore muscles. Trigger Point Release, deep pressure kneading used. Guaranteed to make you feel like you got a good muscle workout!
30 minutes $40.00    |     60 minutes $75.00     |     90 minutes $105.00

Therapeutic Massage

This is a customized massage that focuses on main areas of pain, tightness and discomfort. Medium to Deep pressure used, always within the clients pain tolerance.
30 minutes $40.00     |     60 minutes $75.00     |     90 minutes $105.00

Relaxing Massage

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, or your body just feels tired, come in for a relaxing massage, or a “tune-up”. The therapist will use deep, medium or light pressure, depending on your preference and a smooth relaxing flow to get the blood and stress relief hormones flowing again.
30 minutes $40.00     |     60 minutes $75.00     |     90 minutes $105.00

Prenatal Massage

In the early stages of pregnancy, prenatal massage is  like a regular Swedish massage, except that the massage therapist will avoid sensitive areas of the body, as well as acupressure points that are known to trigger labor, and will check for excessive swelling or other danger signs. In later stages of pregnancy, the massage is given with the mother-to-be lying on her side, with bolsters, pillows and cushions supporting the legs and belly for comfort.
30 minutes $40.00     |     60 minutes $75.00     |     90 minutes $105.00

Myofascial Release

John F. Barnes certified Myofascial Release. Dress in a sports bra and shorts (or just shorts for men). Starts with a postural analysis to determine areas of fascial restriction. Therapist uses a light, sustained pressure until fascial restrictions melt under the hands, taking the pressure off of sore, tight areas.  You will take home fascial stretches to continue your therapy after your session. Myofascial Release is a very relaxing experience.  Excellent for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, structural issues, arthritis, hip pain, plantar fasciitis. Slower than massage, but can be profound.
30 minutes $45.00    |    60 minutes $85.00    |    90 minutes $115.00    |    120 minutes $155.00

Customized Sports Massage

Come dressed in a sports bra and shorts (or just shorts for men). Includes a postural analysis, acute focus on injuries, areas of pain and tightness. Use of trigger point therapy, stretching and massage to return you to your active lifestyle as soon as possible. Detailed Analysis of muscle imbalances as well as take home exercises and stretches to continue your therapy after your session.
45 minutes $80.00     |     60 minutes $100.00     |     90 minutes $125.00

Hot Stone Massage

One of the most relaxing massages you can have. The massage therapist uses warm stones to massage your body. The heat from the stones sinks deep into your muscles, giving you a deep, relaxing relief .
90 minutes $120.00

Chair Massage

Have an event, corporate or celebratory, and you would like to have massage there? We can provide 5, 10, or 15 minute chair massages to your event. Call or email for group rates.