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Healing Massage from Experienced Therapists in Woburn, MA

Touch is a powerful component of the healing process, and it’s one that you’ll experience in our comfortable studio in Woburn, MA. Skin to Soul offers various massage techniques including relaxation, prenatal, sports and more to give our clients the results they need. Our massage therapists are experienced and knowledgeable, and understand how to customize their treatments to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you need help overcoming emotional or physical pain or just need to recharge or relax, our massage services can help.

Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue Massage

This is a customized massage that focuses on main areas of pain, tightness and discomfort. Medium to Deep pressure used, always within the clients pain tolerance. Trigger Point Release, deep pressure kneading used during a deep tissue treatment. Guaranteed to make you feel like you got a good muscle workout!


Relaxing Massage

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, or your body just feels tired, come in for a relaxing massage, or a “tune-up”. The therapist will use deep, medium or light pressure, depending on your preference and a smooth relaxing flow to get the blood and stress relief hormones flowing again.


Prenatal Massage

In the early stages of pregnancy, prenatal massage is like a regular Swedish massage, except that the massage therapist will avoid sensitive areas of the body, as well as acupressure points that are known to trigger labor, and will check for excessive swelling or other danger signs. In later stages of pregnancy, the massage is given with the mother-to-be lying on her side, with bolsters, pillows and cushions supporting the legs and belly for comfort. Call Us Now: 844-258-5498


Custom Sport Massage

Come dressed in a sports bra and shorts (or just shorts for men). Includes a postural analysis, acute focus on injuries, areas of pain and tightness. Use of trigger point therapy, stretching and massage to return you to your active lifestyle as soon as possible. Detailed Analysis of muscle imbalances as well as take home exercises and stretches to continue your therapy after your session.


Hot Stone Massage

One of the most relaxing massages you can have. The massage therapist uses warm stones to massage your body. The heat from the stones sinks deep into your muscles, giving you a deep, relaxing relief.


Call Skin to Soul to Schedule Your Massage Therapy Appointment

Get in touch with us today by calling 844-258-5498 or using the contact form on our website. We will find you an appointment that works with your busy schedule with a massage therapist you’ll love. Remember to ask about our special rates on an introductory session for our new clients so you can experience the power of healing massage for yourself. We can help you create a customized care plan to help you overcome emotional and physical pain and start your journey towards total well-being.


Scheduling an appointment is easy. It is just a click away.


Myofascial Release (MFR) is a safe and very effective manual approach to healing by applying sustained and gentle pressure to connective tissue restrictions.


Massage is a form of muscular therapy that focuses on releasing tensions and knots in the muscle.


Learn more about our self-care, movement, yoga and meditation classes.



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Great Service

I am a first time customer and this place is great. Leanne the receptionist was so welcoming and really nice. As for the massage! Woooooooow! (Exhaled). I really don't want to drive home right now, be…Read More

Andy R.

No More Aches!

Katie is the best! All the aches and pains and stress just float away :)…Read More

Kathie M.

No More Migraines!

My daughter gave me a groupon for Skin to Soul for a myfascial massage.  It was an amazing experience.  I went in with chronic lower back pain and left pain free.  My entire body felt totally relax…Read More

Linda D.

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