Look Inside. Love Your Life.

You may be living through a world of torment no one else understands…

At Skin to Soul, we know that living with chronic pain and stress is lonely, scary, and isolating. Going through life with this burden can leave you feeling hopeless and stuck as countless doctors and physical therapists don’t seem to have the solutions that you’re looking for. Trying to find answers is a struggle while you’re constantly bounced around to every possible solution for your issues, only to lead to yet another hopeless dead end.

On the other hand, you might just want to relax with a good massage!

While looking around massage studios in the area, you see so many different options, but something about them just feels so corporate and passionless. You want to find a place that feels as though the people running it are just as passionate as the therapist you’re getting a massage from. You want that level of humanity and care when you come in to relax.

You just want to feel better. Live free. You want to reclaim your life and find joy again!

Our Approach is Different

At Skin to Soul, we help you discover true, lasting relief from pain and stress. We’re here to support you, listen deeply, and provide intentional care for your unique needs. We go beyond surface level solutions and temporary fixes and focus on the root causes of your discomfort, for lasting relief and freedom.

We show you the path forward and guide you through as you release your Restrictions and break free from persistent issues such as:

Let us Lead and Support You Through

Services we offer

Both hands of the therapist massaging the shoulder of the patient

Find out which service is right for you!

With all the different types of body work that we offer at Skin to Soul, how do you know which one will help you the most with your needs? If you’re interested in checking everything, feel free to take a look at our services page. But if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, take our quiz! It’ll ask all the right questions to figure out what services make the most sense for you! 

About Skin to Soul

Transforming lives through the art and science of bodywork

Skin to Soul was founded in 2006 by Nicole Russo, LMT. Her vision to offer a better way and instill hope in those who have nowhere else to turn has grown year over year. Skin to Soul is a hand-selected, dedicated team of 28 licensed Massage Therapists and Myofascial Release Therapists.

Skin to Soul has locations in Woburn, MA and Somerville, MA and supports clients from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We’re not your average Massage Therapists! We’re here to provide you with an individualized, authentic, and compassionate approach to Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Energy Work.

We provide a safe, compassionate, individualized and inclusive environment where you will feel seen, heard, understood, and deeply cared for. Our top priority is helping you get out of pain and find lasting relief from Skin to Soul!

You just want to be feel better. Live free. You want to reclaim your life and find joy again!

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Reclaim your life and find joy again!