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How it works

At Skin to Soul, our therapists are divided into different levels depending on the services they offer and how long they’ve been with us. As you go higher in level, the services will cost more, but that’s because the services involve more knowledge, and the therapists have a higher expertise in working with complex issues. Choose a service level below to learn more about it and book an appointment at that service level!

First time client discount!

Is it your first time with us? Here’s a discount off your first session! When you come in, we’ll make sure this is taken off the top of the prices listed below for you.

$30 OFF

60 Minute Session

$50 OFF

90 Minute Session

Did you find us through Groupon?

We’re happy to see you! While selecting your appointment to book, make sure that you’re selecting the same exact appointment type as the one your Groupon is for. Also, Groupons are location specific, so make sure that you’re booking at the right location, too.

Keep in mind that our Groupons are only for first-time clients, or clients that have not booked with us in over 2 years. If you purchased one without realizing this, you will have to go through Groupon for a refund (they tend to be pretty quick about it, though!).


Do you have any questions? Maybe you have a specific condition and you want to make sure you’re matched with the right person?

Our front desk staff is always happy to help, so you can always either call us at (833)-888-0136, or email us at info@skintosoul.com. However, if your issues are more complex and you’d like to set aside time to speak with Jen E. or Nicole, they may be able to provide a more detailed answer for your needs!

Search all available appointments!

Using this search can help you find a schedule based on exactly what you’re looking for. However, the search function itself is a bit particular because of how many services we offer!

If you’re searching for a specific service: Start by clicking the “Select Appointment Type” dropdown and choose what you’d like to search. Services are all categorized under their levels, which you can find more information about below the search box! In short, it affects the price of the service depeneding on the level of the therapist offering it, and not every service is offered at every level. If you want to learn more about our services, you can find more information on our services page by clicking here

If you’re searching for a specific therapist: You can select a therapist by clicking on the dropdown labeled “All Instructors” and selecting a therapist of choice. However, you ALSO need to choose an appointment type, and you need to make sure that its a service that the therapist offers first. If you’re new to Skin to Soul, we recommend cross-referencing our services page, as each service will give you a list of who offers it. Alternatively, you can also look at a specific therapists schedule by looking at our Somerville studio page by clicking here! When you click on a therapist, not only will you can a lot more information about them, but there will also be a button to look through their entire schedule at a glance!

If you’d like to search a specific date: By default, it is going to search a week out from todays date. If you would like to look further into the future, click a different date on the calendar, and that will now be your new starting date!

If your search is coming up blank: It might mean one of a few things. First, if you search a therapist with a service type they don’t offer, the search will have nothing to show. The other reason might be that even if you searched correctly, there may just be openings for that service that week.

Confused? We know it can be a lot, considering how much we offer. Feel free to give us a call at 833-888-0136. If you don’t reach a person, just leave a message with what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Professional Level

Licensed massage therapists that offer our range of basic massage services and energy work. Despite being our lowest level, you may still work with someone that has been a therapist for many years and is just new to Skin to Soul. However, even if they are new to the field, they were chosen to be part of the team for having the intuitive touch and knowledge of technique they need to work at the higher level we expect of Skin to Soul Therapists.

Professional Level services are perfect for your everyday aches and pains (back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, etc), as well as people who just need a good moment to relax. If you’re looking at all these different service levels and saying to yourself “I just want a massage!“, this is probably the level you’re looking for.


60 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $109

Member Rate – $89

90 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $164

Member Rate – $134

Services Offered

Specialized Level

Therapists who have excelled at professional level services, or who offer more complex specialized services. They have chosen to advance their knowledge by pursuing education in a certain specialty, or they have been with Skin to Soul for at least 2 years and have continued their education so they are able to handle more complex issues.

If you are a new client, Specialized level is for you either if you either have interest in one of our more specialized services, or if you have a more complex issues than the typical aches and pains (plantar fasciitis, migraine issues, chronic pain, some fibromyalgia cases, jaw pain, etc). Notably, if you are interested in Myofascial Release, it is only available at this level and higher.


60 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $119

Member Rate – $99

90 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $174

Member Rate – $144

Services Offered

Advanced Level

Therapists who have proved their skills as a massage therapist, and have a history of being in high demand. Advanced Level is reserved for therapists that have worked for Skin to Soul at least 3 years, and have chosen to continue to advance their knowledge by pursuing additional education, and are able to handle more complex cases than a Specialized Level therapist could.

If you are a new client, Advanced is for you if you have more complex issues like some surgeries that may have caused complications, jaw issues, more complex migraine issues, and other chronic pain issues that aren’t being resolved by conventional care (or perhaps an additional compliment to your current care).


60 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $129

Member Rate – $109

90 Minute Session

Regular Rate – $199

Member Rate – $169

Services Offered

How do I get member rate?
Sign up for our Lifestyle Program!

Looking to take bodywork more seriously and save some money while you do? If you’re Interested in coming to Skin to Soul at least once a month (and especially if you plan to come more than that), getting set up with our Lifestyle Program is a no-brainer! Here’s how it works: 

$20 OFF

ALL 60 Minute Services

$30 OFF

ALL 90 Minute Services

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