Want to work for Skin to Soul?

Both hands of the therapist massaging the lower back of the patient

Dear Fellow Bodyworker,

We want to invite you to apply for a massage therapist position at Skin to Soul Massage & Myofascial Release, in either our Woburn or Somerville locations.

If there is even an inkling of the tiniest voice in your head that has been whispering about change, we are looking for you and would absolutely LOVE to discuss the possibility of employing you. We offer an amazing and comfortable environment to do your best work, especially for those who haven’t felt at home in their line of work. Here’s the rundown:

We are for you if:

We are NOT for you if:

We believe in helping therapists achieve a long and happy lifetime in this industry and we are dedicated to helping you get there. If we have sparked your interest, please send us an email at hr@skintosoul.com. We would love to hear from you and set up a phone call to discuss this opportunity further.

Jennifer Elliott, LMT & Human Resources Manager
Jeff Mehigan, LMT & Somerville Owner and Nicole Russo, LMT & Founder

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