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Skin to Soul COVID-19 Information Center

We are living in different times, and with that comes different sets of standards and responsibilities. At Skin to Soul, we take the safety and health of our clients and staff seriously. 

As you are probably aware, Massachusetts has rescinded all of its remaining Covid guidance on May 29th, and will be ending the State of Emergency June 15th. They plan to order new guidelines on mask wearing according to the CDC rules but have given the go ahead to businesses to make decisions for themselves on what the best choice is for their business. 

That being said, we fall into a strange category of healthcare/personal services and work with a demographic of individuals with chronic healthcare and compromised immune systems. We also know that many clients would like a more relaxed environment in terms of masks and guidelines too. 

Above all, we have always maintained our commitment to your safety and well being AND we also want to thank you so much for your continued business and for following our Covid guidelines. We know it hasn’t been easy and we have so appreciated your patience as we all navigated through the last year. 

Moving forward, we have made a few changes to our Covid Guidelines. Please take a moment to review so you can be prepared for your appointments:

  1. Our therapists and staff will continue to wear masks until the guidance for vaccinated and non vaccinated individuals are the same. If you are vaccinated, and would like to remove your mask during your treatment, then please show your vaccination card (the actual card, or a clear photo of it on your cell phone) to your therapist for each visit. Please remain masked in all common areas of our office. There is a chance your therapist may still not be comfortable having you remove your mask. This will be at the therapists’ discretion. Please do respect their wishes.
  2. ​We will still require you to remove your shoes upon entering, but you ​​will no longer need to put booties on bare feet. Your therapist has chosen a pair of clean, sterilized shoes as their “work shoes” to keep our floors clean.
  3. Electronic Waivers: We have introduced electronic waivers for intake forms. This not only saves trees, it makes all our lives easier!
  4. HEPA H13 Medify Air Purifiers in each room, including the bathroom, and break rooms, which clean the air every 15-30 minutes.
  5. Disinfecting each treatment room with an EPA approved Medical Grade disinfectant on all surfaces: massage table, face cradle, chair, light switches, doorknobs, etc.
  6. As we have always done, we provide fresh linens between clients as well as the strict hygienic practices we followed between clients anyways: washing hands, arms, elbows completely between clients, and before and after sessions.
  7. Disinfecting Bathroom and Common Areas every 1-4 hours with EPA grade disinfectant and logging it.
  8. NO NEED TO CALL FIRST TO CHECK IN: We are unlocking the doors, and will be having you come right upstairs to check in for your appointment. YAY!
  9. NO MORE COVID WAIVERS: We are no longer requiring a Covid waiver to be signed before your appointment. After an entire year, we have yet to see any issues with needing these waivers and have decided to discontinue them. YAY!

We also wanted you to know about the change in our sick cancellation policies and requirements. We understand this could be an inconvenience, but we are committed to keeping everyone safe at this time. Due to the nature of multiple different symptoms reported for Covid, if you do end up getting sick before your appointment and need to reschedule, we ARE requiring you to get tested, fully quarantine, or show proof of full vaccination before returning to our office. There are many free and easy Covid testing sites in the State of Massachusetts that give results within 2 days. Again, We understand that this could be an inconvenience but we need to be ever mindful and vigilant in light of the many variations of symptomatic and asymptomatic Covid cases, as well as the amount of time people are actually contagious with the virus. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.