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Skin to Soul COVID-19 Information Center

We are living in different times, and with that comes different sets of standards and responsibilities. At Skin to Soul, we take the safety and health of our clients and staff seriously. Below you will find the link to our COVID Waiver needed before every appointment and the State of Massachusetts mandates.

Knowledge is power, and if we work together, we can overcome anything. We are SO GRATEFUL, happy, and honored to have you as our clients and to once again have the opportunity to work with you on your deep relaxation, healing, and wellness needs! We have spent considerable time deep cleaning and organizing the studios to have them ready for you and have implemented the following to adhere to the new guidelines as well as give you, peace of mind:

1. Requiring everyone to wear masks cuts down on droplets getting into the air.

2. We are asking everyone to remove their street shoes upon entering. Your therapist has chosen a pair of clean, sterilized shoes as their “work shoes” to keep our floors clean.

 3. Contactless Checkouts: We actually like this one. Call us when you arrive and let’s take care of checking out and rebooking your appointment BEFORE your session. This allows you to fully enjoy your experience AND keep your brain relaxed for longer, afterward! We will no longer be accepting cash or check as payment. Some therapists will be accepting cash tips. If yours does, please make sure to bring exact change as we will not be providing change.

4. Electronic Waivers: We have introduced electronic waivers for intake forms, as well as COVID waiver forms that must be filled out prior to each appointment. This not only saves trees, it makes all our lives easier!

5. HEPA H13 Medify Air Purifiers in each room, including the bathroom, and breakrooms, which clean the air every 15-30 minutes.

6. Disinfecting each treatment room with an EPA approved Medical Grade disinfectant on all surfaces: massage table, face cradle, chair, light switches, doorknobs, etc.

 7. Additional COVID Sanitation Training for therapists, and having them wear fresh aprons and the necessary PPE between clients.

8. As we had always done, fresh linens between clients as well as the strict hygienic practices we followed between clients anyways: washing hands, arms, elbows completely between clients, and before and after sessions.

9. Disinfecting Bathroom and Common Areas every 1-2 hours with EPA grade disinfectant and logging it.

10. Screening all clients and staff prior to stepping foot in the office and postponing treatment for anyone that displays or has been in contact with anyone displaying any symptoms of COVID 19 as outlined in our waiver.

We also wanted you to know about the change in our sick cancellation policies and requirements. We understand this could be an inconvenience, but we are committed to keeping everyone safe at this time. Due to the nature of multiple different symptoms reported for covid, if you do end up getting sick before your appointment and need to reschedule, we ARE requiring you to get tested before returning to our office. There are many free and easy covid testing sites in the State of Massachusetts that give results within 2 days. Again, We understand that this could be an inconvenience but we need to be ever mindful and vigilant in light of the many variations of symptomatic and asymptomatic covid cases, as well as the amount of time people are actually contagious with the virus. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


    Skin to Soul COVID Client Waiver Form

    We at Skin to Soul are doing everything we can to protect you, our clients, as well as our therapists and front desk staff. To this extent, we will be following the Center of Disease Control (CDC), Massachusetts Government Re-Opening Guidelines as well as the Massachussets Massage Licensing Board guidelines with regard to social distancing practices as well as the cleaning and disinfection of our studios in order to reduce the spread of Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This will require our staff to maintain six (6) feet of distance between ourselves and you, the client, as much as possible unless performing your service. We will also be requiring this same procedure for client-to-client contact in order to limit the exposure to all individuals.

    We will require all individuals (staff and clients) to utilize either surgical masks or cloth masks that cover both your mouth and nose at all times to reduce the risk of exposure to yourself and others at all times while in the establishment. The only exception to the mask, is when we ask you to turn face down, and have set up the fabric of the face cradle to again cover your nose and mouth just like a mask. It is also required of everyone to either wash or sanitize their hands upon entry, after using the restroom or touching their face or mask, as well as remove your street shoes and use socks, or shoe coverings provided at the front door. We are also providing hand sanitizer at each entrance that you can use for your hands, as well as your phone, so that you can use it while in the office. We are asking clients to call us before entry to the studio, in order to handle the checkout process BEFORE your session as well as rebooking you. This also eliminates needing to use your brain so hard after your session and allows for a more relaxed experience! We are moving to completely contactless checkouts, so no cash or checks, only credit cards. Some therapists may still elect to have a tip jar in their treatment room for cash. Please feel free to tip your therapist at the end with exact change as we will not be providing change, or let the front desk staff know. They can add a tip at any time, in the beginning, or end of your session. If you are a new client, or need to fill out our intake form, we have created an online intake form that is easy and simple to fill out, and can be found by going to the home page of the location you are visiting. Please note that these intake forms need to be filled out prior to your appointment. They also help you to create an online user profile that you can use to book your own appointments, change your appointments, and pay for appointments.

    By signing this waiver, you attest that you are clear of the following symptoms and situations within the last 14 days leading up to your appointment:
    • Fever of 99 degrees or above, or possible fever symptoms like alternating chills and sweating
    • Cough
    • Trouble breathing, shortness of breath or severe wheezing
    • Chills or repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle aches not related to your typical muscular pain symptoms or above and beyond your normal aches and pains
    • Sore throat
    • Diarrhea
    • New rashes
    • Loss of smell or taste, or a change in taste
    • Have had contact with an individual who has shown signs of the above symptom within the past 14 days
    • Have been around anyone with confirmed COVID within the past 14 days

    At any time during our contact with you, if we feel you are not complying with the rules stated above, show signs of illness or are in any way combative we reserve the right to refuse service and will ask you to leave immediately.

    By signing this waiver, you understand that by entering a business open to the public, you are susceptible to the risk of exposure to any illness including but not limited to, the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, and will not hold Sky Massage LLC dba Skin to Soul liable for any symptoms of illness following your contact with us and will contact us if you do develop symptoms within 14 days after your visit.

    If we all work together, we can overcome the spread of this virus as well as other infectious diseases. We are happy to welcome our clients back!

    By signing below, you agree to comply with the written instructions above. Failure to comply with these written instructions or verbal instructions from staff may result in your removal from the premises.

    I am filling this out for myself.I am filling this out as a Parent or Legal Guardian.

    I have read and understood the entire Skin To Soul COVID-19 client waiver and agree to its terms and conditions. (required)
    I am filling this out within 24 hours of my appointment. (required)

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