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Not sure of what you need? We can help! Generally, if you give us a call, one of our receptionists should be able to give you a good idea of what services might be best for your needs. However, we have two other options that might be helpful if you want to dig a little deeper!

First, we have an online quiz that you can take. This quiz will ask you a handful of questions about your body, level of activity, and a few other factors to see what might work best for you.  You can take the quiz by clicking here.

The other option is that we do offer FREE phone consultations with either Jen Elliot or Nicole. Both therapists are very knowledgeable about more complex issues and would love to help figure out what’s best for you. You can book one by clicking here.

At Skin to Soul, we realize there is a very short ceiling to a Massage Therapist’s career at most other bodywork chains and centers in the area and yet a vast difference in skill set, experience level and knowledge. In the past, the only way to advance in your career as a therapist was to leave your place of employment and go it alone.

We created a system to help better reflect just how far someone has advanced in their career, both as a massage therapist and as an employee of Skin to Soul. Services charged are based on the level of the therapist offering them, and that’s because of what we take into account when we consider their level: Their time with Skin to Soul, the more complex services they offer, their experience with more complex issues, and how much the therapists services are in demand from clients.

However, we’d also like to point out that a therapist being at a lower level does not speak poorly of their skills. At Skin to Soul, we hire therapists both because we feel that they’re a good fit for the culture we have at our studios, and because they have a certain touch that proves that they have something amazing to offer our clients.

First off, we’re excited to see you when you get here! As for what you need to know, there’s a few things we like to make sure we remind people to do before coming in.

1. We recommend coming in 10-15 minutes early. This gives you time to fill out forms, use the bathroom and drink some water before your session starts. Make sure to keep an eye on traffic around when you’re supposed to leave, too!

2. Before we get you onto a table, we (legally) need an intake form filled out. You can also fill them out online, although make sure you’re filling one out for the right location: Click here to fill one out for Woburn, and Click here to fill one out for Somerville.

3. Even if you fill out the intake form in advance, we may have other forms to fill out depending on who is getting a session and why. Notably, we have an intake for prenatal appointments, and minor consent forms for clients under the age of 18. These cannot be filled out online.

4. Lastly, if you’re coming with a Groupon, make sure that you have your redemption code ready for us. That’s all we need to check out your session.

Woburn: The studio is part of West Cummings Park in building 800, and there’s generally plenty of parking all around the building! Once you park, the easiest way to get to our studio is to take the elevator up to the third floor, and take a right all the way to the end. Our main entrance is the last door on the right (#3950).

Somerville: The studio is conveniently located on McGrath Highway at Twin City Plaza. There is plenty of parking, and it’s even accessible by public transportation via the #80, #87, and #88 bus routes! We are located on the lower level, in between K&G Fashions and Marshalls. Our entrance is the door on the far lefthand side.

As one of the more unique things that we offer, we find it to be one of the best ways that we can help with more complex body issues, but it’s often something brand new for many that are finding out about our services for the first time. Maybe you even saw it online somewhere! If you’re interested in learning more, you can find more info on our services page by clicking here.

It is also worth mentioning that you may have seen videos of myofascial release or gotten the service elsewhere and noticed that it was a particularly intense or even painful type of session. Because we use the John Barnes method, we use a much gentler sustained pressure, and it is significantly more approachable than what you may have seen or experienced in the past.


Of course! If you have anything about your session that’s making you uncomfortable or that you think would make you even more comfortable, just let us know. Easy things for us to change include lighting, music choice, massage pressure, room heat, table heat, and whether or not you’re using blankets.

If you need to get up mid-session for any reason, that’s no problem either. Do just keep in mind that we are generally not able to extend the length of your session for the time spent outside of it. We HIGHLY recommend doing everything you can before the session starts to make sure you don’t have a reason to get up.

Not only is it fine if you fall asleep, but most therapists will consider it a compliment! In fact, it can actually be a great thing depending on the kind of body work you’re in for. Being relaxed enough to sleep often means your body isn’t putting up any guards to the pressure being used and the therapist can make sure they’re making the most of your session. 

If you are being hurt by the body work that you’re receiving, please let the therapist know! Body work isn’t supposed to hurt, and even if you decided to try something more intensive and realized it was too much to handle, we can easily just reduce the amount of pressure mid session. We can also stop the session if you feel its necessary.

When it comes to body work, pain is always something that depends on the person on the receiving end of it. The most common example that can be difficult for many people to handle is deep tissue massage: To some, the pressure is actually too much to handle, while for others, its the only way to get through to the muscles that need the work. Other common services that people can sometimes be sensitive to also include trigger point massage, cupping, and if you’re sensitive to the temperature, hot stone.

We respect your boundaries first and foremost, and you only need to remove as much clothing as your comfortable with. You’ll be draped with sheets and largely covered for most of the session unless an area is being worked on, and if you decide to leave most or all of your clothes on, that is completely fine. However, just keep in mind that for physically involved services such as massage, a layer of clothing makes it more difficult to work with the skin and muscle underneath it all.

Also, there are some services we offer where clothes removal is totally unnecessary! Reiki involves energy work that can even be completely non-touch, and Intra Oral Myofascial Release completely focuses on the face, jaw, neck, and shoulder.

This is something that entirely comes down to the dynamic between you and your therapist. If you’re not the chatty type, or you’re looking for a silent session regardless, your therapist will not force a conversation. However, you might be surprised how often sessions can be chatty between our clients and therapists! Some therapists are the talkative types themselves and are happy to help if you’re looking to talk during the session, especially if that’s what helps you relax.

It is customary, but not required. Often, if people do tip, they will typically tip around 20%. 


We don’t offer couples massages, but we can often accommodate you and your partner booking two separate massages, at the same time, in different session rooms. However, please keep in mind that finding two sessions with identical start times on the same day can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have preferences beyond that, so we highly recommend booking at least a few weeks in advance if you can.

As long as we have more than 24 hours notice before your appointment, we can cancel it for you no problem, and we will not charge any cancellation fee. Once you’re within the 24 hour window of the appointment, however, you will be changed the cost of the session whether or not you can arrive to your appointment. Exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances however, so if you’re interested in learning more, you can click here to see our full cancellation policy.

Generally, we do not. We normally need at least 30 minutes notice before the start time of an appointment time to make sure that a therapist can be here and ready to take in clients, or up to 2 hours if the therapist isn’t on location yet. However, if you do decide to walk into one of our locations, we’re more than happy to look over the schedule and see if we can find an appointment time that works best for you!

Possibly! If you’re interested in a job at Skin to Soul, take a look at our Careers page by clicking here, or you get in touch with us by calling 833-888-0136 or emailing us at

Call or email us as soon as possible to let us know if it seems like you’re going to be running late. Generally, we’ll also try to reach out to you to make sure that everything is okay. As long as you come into your session with time to spare, we’ll be happy to honor the remainder of the time, although we cannot guarentee that we’ll be able to make up any of the time you missed. Note that just like our cancellation policy, you will still be charged for the full session you were scheduled for, as to respect that the therapists time was set aside for it.

Don’t worry, all are welcome at Skin to Soul! When it comes to the world of bodywork, there is a level of trust between a therapist and a client that must be met for a relaxing and effective session. Considering the current state of LGBTQIA+ issues, it’s completely understandable that those in the community may have more trouble building that baseline of trust while looking around for a place that they feel comfortable visiting for body work. We’re honored to be able to create a space where we’ve been able to have a large history of both clients and staff in the LGBTQIA+ community, and we want you to know that you’re safe here.

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