Massage for Athletes

If you’re a serious athlete, it’s not news that you’re using your body to its maximum potential. Between the grueling hours of practice and the intense games, matches, and competitions loaded with forceful contact, it’s no wonder that athletes have such high concern for injury. As you workout, your muscles tear, allowing more room for growth and strength. However, it’s important that your muscles have enough time to heal for them to benefit from this. It’s when athletes overwork their bodies and don’t allow enough time for healing that injuries happen.

At skin to soul, we provide your muscles with the relief that they need to heal properly. During one of our custom sport massages, we will provide you with a postural analysis and then focus on areas of injury, pain, tension or tightness. Focusing on these areas help loosen your muscles, relieving them of the pain or tension, and allowing you to perform to your highest abilities.

Athletes that take time for sports massage notice that it betters their performance, flexibility, and attitude while decreasing their chances of an injury and soreness. If you are experiencing joints that are in pain, or muscles that are extremely tight, consider taking it up a level and getting a custom sports massage done to get you back at your best.

Call Skin to Soul today and schedule a custom sports massage today. When you come in for your massage therapy appointment, make sure that you’re dressed in appropriate attire. This includes shorts for men and shorts and a sports bra for women. Once you’ve completed your first sports massage, we will provide you with a few stretches and exercises that will help get you back to the healthy and physical lifestyle that you love.

Reclaim your life and find joy again!