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Photo of Dave A. He is wearing an orange collared top.

Specialized Level For Massage And Myofascial

Dave went to AKS Massage School in VA, and after starting in 2004, he has been a massage therapist for over 20 years. Before deciding to get into the field of massage therapist, he worked the help desk for a company that didn’t make it past the Dotcom crash of 2001.

While he was living in VA, he got a job at his friend’s firm where he was mostly just doing busy work. He was inspired to pursue massage when one day, while hanging out with that very same friend, Dave was asked by him if he wouldn’t mind helping with a shoulder massage. In the middle of helping, his friend said “Man, you should go into this”…and a month later, Dave was in his first massage class. Sometimes it’s just a moment where life takes you in a new direction.

He knew he had a love for massage when he started getting better as a therapist and clients would tell him that they felt so much better from the work he did. Even when he didn’t feel he was doing his best work, they would say they enjoyed the massage a lot because they had a great chat and even laughed during the session. It was cool for him to see how even a great mental/emotional state during a session can make it effective.

After Dave learned how to do deep tissue work, he realized that it worked well for him. However, he always enjoys learning new techniques and trying to add to his “toolbox”. He’s realized as time has gone on that he’s becoming a therapist who wants to know what is “behind the curtain” and really find the root of the problem, something that the client might not even completely understand going into a session. That can sometimes even mean how they mentally/emotionally do things or treat themselves; What goes in mentally can come out physically. He likes to find out what that is and how he can help.

Outside of work, Dave really finds himself enjoying YouTube. You could take every other streaming service away and it would still be more than enough for him. He loves inspiring videos, ones that make you laugh hard or even cry because it’s people helping other people. He also loves analysis videos about social issues today, and videos about the hidden meanings in film and how they are to help as well as entertain.