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David graduated from Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Skin to Soul has been his first major step into the world of massage therapy, but he has been a lifelong passionate learner! Before becoming a massage therapist, he had a history in working a greenhouse, and also as a nurse’s assistant.

His inspiration to become a massage therapist came when his sister and her friend swore by his talents and often came back to have more work done. Of course, having no proper knowledge or training in the field at the time, it felt good to know that he could genuinely help others with his massages…but how much more could he help if he DID try to learn more? It started with tutorials on YouTube, but that passion and curiosity eventually grew to the point of enrolling into school for massage. However, between Covid and eventually needing to move, the timing was poor and the dream of diving headfirst into the world of massage needed to wait just a bit longer. Once massage studios returned to business as usual and he was able to get himself up and running in a new home, he was ready to continue his journey into the world of massage!

His favorite part of massage is that every therapist has a different style that works for them and their clients. With so many unique massage therapists to work with, and clients to work on, it feels as though the learning truly never stops. To some, something that expansive might be intimidating, but to David, it’s exciting and inspiring. Massage provides him with an energy that nothing in his life ever has, and having a client feel better after it’s all said and done is icing on the cake.

When it comes to his clients, he always does his best to be what his client needs, working with them to come up with the best plan for both during and after the massage. He considers deep therapeutic work to be his specialty, and he loves to help people who have mobility issues and scars. In particular, he finds runners and others in need of leg work to be a common issue that he loves being able to help come up with a plan to help improve. He also loves working with hot and cold as part of his therapy (such as hot stone massage), as he feels as though it truly helps accelerate the healing process when used in a session.

Outside of the world of massage, David has plenty of hobbies. He’s a known adventurist, having a passion for hiking and even proper training in scuba diving and rock climbing. He’s also a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to the world of tabletop gaming, as well as an artist with an affinity for acrylic paints and leather crafting.

Services offered: Relaxing Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue