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Photo of Jennifer M. She is wearing a black shirt with small logo, glasses, and a long necklace.

Jenn graduated from Everest Institue in Chelsea MA, and has been a massage therapist since 2010. Originally, she was going to school for creative writing and photography, although it was more of a passion than a definitive career path at the time. Her mom was at Everest as a medical assistant and encouraged her to go there as well, but on the surface, it didn’t sound appealing. A lot of the medical world can be intense, and it wasn’t until a psychoanalysis test said she may be good at massage did she consider something that was a bit more grounded like that. After curiously enrolling in massage to explore the idea further, she fell completely in love with it. There was no going back, this was 100% what she wanted to do with her future.

Her love stemmed from how amazing it felt to help people on their healing journey, as it was easy to see the tangible impact that she had on the people that she worked with. When she started at Skin to Soul and was introduced to Myofascial Release, she was amazed at what it could do for the body and was very excited to have it as yet another tool to help those in need. Starting her Myofascial Release journey was like falling in love with her career all over again!

As a therapist, she loves helping everyone and has a long history of working with many different body issues and conditions. However, she has a fondness for working with people dealing with migraine, neck, and shoulder issues, as they’re very relatable to her as someone who has dealt with some serious issues of her own with them in the past. She also has a personal history with others in her life who have had to deal with epilepsy and seizures. She took this as a calling to learn more about massage and myofascial release techniques that are able to help, such as fascial cranium, a myofascial release technique focusing on phycological function. Her ideal client is anybody who trusts in the power of bodywork, as she is confident she is able to help you with what she can bring to the table.

In her spare time, she still has a passion for writing and taking photos. Of course, this also means she has a love for reading, and will probably read anything you put in front of her! She also has a love of traveling, with a dream of one day retiring on a boat so she can sail the world.

Services offered: Relaxing Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Prenatal MFR, Intra Oral MFR, Pelvic Floor MFR