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Rachel graduated from Elizabth Grady school, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2020. Before working at Skin to Soul, she spent time working at a call center for massage therapists. When she first started working at the call center, her co-workers would teach her massage techniques and let her practice them, giving her a casual and inspiring first step into the world of massage. Considering that her coworkers were already licensed massage therapists themselves, they were quick to point out that they saw potential in her future as a massage therapist. As the motivation grew to take her first step towards getting licensed, her job helped her get into Elizabeth Grady, and she did exceptionally well in her time there.

Her love of massage comes from both her clients and her co-workers. When it comes to clients, she loves the amazing feeling that comes from being able to make people feel happy and healthy again, especially when she sees how excited they get from the results of a good session. As for co-workers, it’s always exciting to meet new people because of just how different every therapist is in the world of massage. They all have their own stories, backgrounds, reasons for taking interest in massage, and their own personality that shines through their unique style. She’s met so many amazing people through massage, and she has no plans of stopping any time soon.

Her favorite kind of client is one that has a problem to fix, especially if it ends up being a long term project over multiple sessions. She loves the feeling of helping somebody through a complicated issue, and if it’s something that ends up taking multiple sessions, she likes that she can be there for every step of the healing journey to solve the problem together. She also particularly likes doing deep tissue work, especially considering how powerful of a tool it can be for helping with more intense issues.

Outside of massage, she loves to swim, and even lives on a huge lake so she can swim as often as possible. She’s also a big fan of anything and everything horror, and is extremely knowledgeable about sharks. She even has a couple of shark tattoos! She’s also a people person, and has even had a lot of clients tell her that she’s cut out to be a comedian.

Services offered: Relaxing Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue