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Steven studied at the Palmer Institute of Massage, and both graduated and became a licensed massage therapist in 2008. Before working massage, he worked plenty of hands-on jobs, including warehouse, carpentry, and electrical work.

However, the passion for these lines of work seemed to come and go. As a boy, his mother would tell him that he had a talent for massage, and after trying his hand and many different jobs, he couldn’t help but think back on what she had said. At that point, it felt like the right time in his life to finally follow through on that talent and go to school so he could learn more.

It was then that he finally found a true passion. There was something special that came with the feeling of helping clients find true relief for body issues that none of his other career paths could provide for him. It was just such a fulfilling, rewarding feeling for somebody coming in with an issue that they might not have even been able to identify themselves, only to help them work through it so they could find the relief that they needed so desperately.

His style overall tends to be one of flexibility. This is because ultimately, his favorite type of client is one that is in need of a solution. He finds even the most challenging of issues to be rewarding to try and help with, so if a client is seeking out his help, he wants to come up with a plan using whatever skills and tools that he thinks makes the most sense for the client.

On his own time, he enjoys football, gardening, reading, and watching movies! In particular, he tends to be a fan of science fiction, fantasy, and action. Also, he has a passion for competing in darts, and gets together with friends once a week to practice. Last but certainly not least, he has two dogs, Rossie and Jax, that he loves spending time with.

Services offered: Relaxing Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue