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Photo of Svetlana A. She is wearing a black top

Advanced Level For Massage, Reiki And Myofascial

Svetlana is a 2014 graduate of Elizabeth Grady, and she has her Level 3 master oncology training as well as Table Thai massage training. Before her interest in massage therapy, she wore many different hats, up to and including being a Kindergarten teacher in her home country of Latvia. She is an extremely empathetic massage therapist who wanted to learn the skill simply because she really wanted to help people. After being shown some simple self-massage techniques, she realized that it could be a powerful way to help others, and learning more about it would make it easier to help more people.

Her style is one that is full of wisdom, respect, and understanding. With so much knowledge of so many different types of massage, she makes a connection with the body she is working on so she can understand what needs attention and how, generally without needing to use too deep of a pressure. Her different styles of massage feel like tools in a toolbox, and her ideal client is one that trusts that she’ll know what the right tool is for the job.

During her free time, she is a lover of nature and art. She can often be found either tending to her own garden or taking any chance she can to be outdoors. When it comes to art, you may already be familiar with it; she is the artist behind many of the paintings that are hung around the Woburn Skin to Soul studio!